Sunday, September 21, 2008

"we are family"

Moving to Grenada gave us an "insta-family" of some sorts. (and a perfect selection of models!) We are lucky to have great friends here!
Jayson and Sara are the ultimate "godparents" - seen here with Lucy, baby Z, Gabe and Anna
the lovebirds - Sara and Dustin - parents of Anna and Lucy
the McDaniels
the Weirs ( I really liked this shot!)
Casey, Gabe and Renny

Any feedback? I realize the lighting wasn't ideal since we shot at high noon.
And what about the watermarks? I am trying to establish a permanent one, but for now I just like to try out different fonts. What do you think?


Jayson & Sara said...

Wow they look great!! Good job! I love the one with Jayson and I and all the kids! I have to get a copy of that one! I like this watermark and the one with just your initials.

Megan said...

You are amazing! But, I already knew that. Thanks for taking all of our Christmas card pics over the years. Now, if only you weren't confined to Grenada for two years. Come visit Seattle, or maybe we'll come see you.

Ana said...

so cute! I really like the first three. Especially the one with the little girl holding her parents' hands. Very cute. I love the setting too, where do you find these places?

Anonymous said...

Lexi! You don't know me. :) I found you through Jessica Kettels blog comments. I wanted to see your work--I ADORE IT! REALLY! you have such great ideas. How do you do your vintage shots? LUV EM! I don't really know what Im doing yet, but I WANT TOOOOOO!
your colors are great too--I asked almost the same thing on Jessica's comments---it seems like everyone has those two things down, and I neeeeed to learn it. two of my favorite things---BRIGHT colors and vintage...:)

hope you don't think Im weird!

lol (Im in utah)

Blush said...

hey I say ya on feedjit! I love your stuff! great ppi :)

Shelly Beth said...

I like the picture of Sara and Dustin because of the background and rich color. As far as watermarks go, I like the ones you used on "The Babe" post...especially the last one. Some of the first watermarks you ever did were my favorite. Sometimes I think I like different watermarks based on the picture...I like the ones you tried in the "Industrial Model," especially where she is kneeling looking away from the camera and your favorite one. I am by no means an expert, but that is just my opinion. Keep up the great work! You should check out this website: my friend just had pics of her kids done there that I thought were cute. It's the Sarah and Jonathan post. Anyways, I wish we could live close so you could take pics of Isabelle. And yes, baby Z and Isabelle can have an arranged marriage.