Sunday, November 30, 2008


smile B+W watermarkcaseystare
doesn't casey look like heidi klum? 
she was perfect for this fun shoot to play with lighting! thanks for modeling casey!
I think this one is my favorite...
B+W casey looking
just some old hollywood glam!
B+W looking downcasey arms watermark
critique appreciated
but stay tuned...more to come!


Dan & Ashley said...

Lex, these are AWESOME!!! So beautiful! It's so fun you are playing with studio lighting. I've been practicing with it too actually lately--a couple of gooseneck lamps and either Dan or some Barbie dolls..:) I don't have a lot to work with, but I'm trying. But my pictures don't look anywhere near as beautiful as yours! I seriously want to learn all about what you are doing. I'm still so lost with Photoshop and feel so overwhelmed. I need help! :)

Nathan, Amy, Elle and Ava said...

Gorgeous! What beautiful lighting. You are getting to be a pro! You must be having so much fun! I cannot wait to schedule a family portrait session with you -- someday over the rainbow when we see you again... and then someday after that -- I need lessons! Keep up the good work!

Blush said...

love the hard light

Amanda said...

These are really amazing. I have so many friends with the photography gene! you did some really pretty things with the girls. I love the black and white ones of Casey. They reminded me of Audrey Hepburn. Amazing!