Tuesday, February 3, 2009

baby boy

What a sweetheart! Doesn't he almost look pretend - he is just perfect. I'm hoping to take more pics of this little guy soon :)
paul look up WM

paul B+W WM

paul basket WM

paul stare WM
I don't think he liked me standing right over him but look at those eyes! paul toes WM

Paul close up WM
and this one is my favorite!


Justin & Ashlee said...

You do such a great job! I'm jealous.

Dan and Ashley said...

He look so happy and content! What a cutie! Great job Lex! I love the pic with the foot, I think that's my fav. Happy Birthday BTW!!!!

will and tiff said...

beautiful photos! i blog hopped on over from jessica kettle {love her!} and you have such a great eye and those babies - yummy! i was wondering - do have any secrets you would be willing to divulge on your amazing eyes. every shot, every eye - amazing! go you! i would love any tips or pointers at all :>

Ana said...

I love the first one in the basket! He looks so cute in there. His eyes are so big and beautiful.