Wednesday, February 25, 2009

the hatlers

If you don't already know M&M, I think these pictures will give you an idea of how fun, comfortable, spontaneous, and energetic these two are! Thanks for letting me hang out on the beach with you guys :) Hope you enjoy a few shots from this weekend!
M&M jumping WM M&M piggyback WM
M&M bench WM
M&M sitting on the beach WM M&M framed B+W WM maria sunshine WM Matt look WM M&M pick me up WM M&M close up WM maria looking WM M&M waves WM


Maria said...

Thanks Alexis. The pictures look amazing! I can't believe you put the one of us jumping. We look silly! I can't wait to see the other pics.

Jayson & Sara said...

Lexi they look sooooo awesome! Great job!

Dan and Ashley said...

Cute cute pics Lex! I love all the action and storytelling. Great job.

Dr. Nick said...

Aw Matt and Maria look so cute! Wait I think that is what girls say...uhhh they look great together!