Sunday, April 19, 2009

coming home!

I am so excited to be headed 'home' in a few weeks! I'm also excited to take some pictures and find some awesome backdrop locations in Utah and Sacramento...

I have already booked several sessions so please contact me soon: {}
if you are interested in family, children,newborn or maternity pics!
I would love to assist you with any of your photography needs

UTAH : openings between May 18th - 23rd & June 7th - 13th
SAC area : openings between June 15th - 30th

See you soon!


Erika said...

I hope you are still planning on me! Maybe the 13th?

Megan said...

Well, I'm still pulling for a small side trip to Seattle. Maybe, it can be my birthday present. Huh? Just a little day trip all by yourself. I need these gorgeous pics of MY babies.

Robinson Fam said...

sign us up!!! we will take any available time in June. Let me know what works for you. Cannot wait! you do such beautiful work. I love the yoga pictures!

And thank you so much for the jib jab card. we have watched it over and over. I'm sorry I haven't told you earlier how fun that was.

And -- let me know what you decided to do in Spain... I'm so curious.

Ok... so plan on us in June. Whenever you have a spot.
Thanks -- I love you!