Monday, May 4, 2009

baby boy

I am so lucky to live next door to this beautiful new baby boy! He's sure loved and admired and it's no wonder, cause he's a charmer. He was awake and checking out this big new world! We had to soothe him with the binky or momma's finger - so sweet :)

sleeping liam color

liam square

liam + mommy

liam peaceful

liam story WM

liam blanket
Doesn't he just look so relaxed!

liam upset
This is what happened when we'd take the binky out! so sad...

liam soothed white frame
mommy saves the day :)

babe in arms WM

You can bet I'll be borrowing this little guy again!


Casey said...

Those pictures turned out so cute!! I love them! I especially liked the one where you took the binky out! ha! What a beautiful baby!

Maria said...

Lexi, I am impressed. These are amazing pictures. You are getting better and better. I really like the ones of him without his binky and the one of him wrapped around the white blanket. Beautiful shoots, they really capture the moment.

Kaylee said...

All of these are great! I love them!

Dan and Ashley said...

What a darling baby--seriously so beautiful!! You did a great job capturing him. These photos just look so soft and innocent. I love it!

Jayson & Sara said...

Thanks so much Lexi for letting me tag along! He was such a beautiful baby! I love the collage!

Gatto999 said...

Great shots !...
Ciao from Italy