Monday, May 25, 2009

baby "C" and his parents

This family was so fun in front of the camera. They love their new addition and he was such a good baby, I can see why!
Much more to come guys...

C on dresser B+W

C smile

T fam look up B+W

T fam close up faded

C baby

T fam porch WM frame


Barb @ getupandplay said...

These are so great! I'm so excited!! Thanks again!!

Catherine said...

Wow! These are beautiful Alexis! Well done.

Peggy said...

Your first in-law's mom LOVED these pictures, the black and white was my favorite! Thanks for posting them. What a sweet family. We love you three.

Dan and Ashley said...

Lex, these Utah shoots you did were awesome!!! I love them. You really did such a great job with all the families and babies. Your colors and rich and beautiful. Really, really well done. Oh, and you HAVE to tell me where that orchard is?! I just love it and am dying to go there someday.

Can't wait to hear ALL about Europe!!!! Call me when you get back!!!