Wednesday, July 22, 2009

2 years

KY look who's 2

This is my son's best friend! Lucky for us he lives in our building :) He's turning two this month and we wish him the Happiest Birthday!

Ky storyboard

KY looks

KY sunshine


KY eyelash


Bart and Michelle said...

Oh, Lexi...I'm so bummed you're not closer! Carley just turned 2 and I wish you could take her pics!!! :( Miss you!

Maria said...

Great photos Lexi. He's such a cute little boy.

Ashley Henry Photography said...

Great pictures Lex. I really love them. You captured his little personality so well.

Sara and Dustin said...

Wow! These are gorgeous! What a beautiful little boy. Check out all that hair. I think he looks exactly like his mom. Good job, Lexi.

Karen Ford said...

Great pics Lexi! I can't wait for Paul to be back with the boys! Hopefully he'll be walking soon and will be more fun for them to play with. Kylin's hair is so curly!!! He's adorable :)

Heidi said...

he does look like his mom. I wish you were here to photo my baby and Katie, you do such a great job!