Wednesday, September 9, 2009

girl or boy?

This is my beautiful friend Casey, we are due with baby #2's a month apart! She doesn't know if she's having a boy or a girl yet, but she makes an amazing maternity model :)
C indian style B+W copy
gabe storyboard
gabe kiss tummy
her little girl is super excited - she likes to tell everyone "my mommy is having a baby!"
C lean wall B+W WM
casey heart WM
casey heart close WM
C close up
can't wait to meet baby "Mc-D"!!
casey and lexi preggo
just for fun, the two bumps!
{photo courtesy of Maria H.}


Casey said...

Lexi, thanks so much for taking these pictures! You are too sweet! It was a lot of fun!
P.S. I will get you yours soon. :)

Jayson & Sara said...

Oh how fabulous!! I love them Lexi! Casey looks so beautiful! And I love love love the ones with Gabe Babe! The last one of the two of you is super fun too! I hope Casey took some of you and that we get to see those soon! Sheesh - why didn't you guys post links on your family blogs! Maybe I would have found it sooner!

Maria said...

Lexi, the photos are amazing. I really like first pic. The B&W effect are super cool. My favorite pic is the one of Casey in front of the blue gate....very catalog like photo. I had a lot of fun taking the pics. Thanks for inviting me.

Barb @ getupandplay said...

So cute!! I love me some pregnant bellies!

Sara and Dustin said...

These are so great, Lexi! I couldn't even tell you my favorite. They show Casey's personality and stunning good-looks so well - Gabe's too. That last one of the two of you is so cute. It makes me miss you guys so much!

Lauren and Chase said...

Love the pictures!! Thanks for letting me tag along too! Lexi, you are amazing. Period.
You truly captured the beauty of pregnancy in those shots!

Shelly Beth said...

Love them! They turned out so well. Love the one of you, too. Did you do your own hair? it looks fabulous! I wish I could do something like that on myself.