Saturday, October 10, 2009

A+A = true love

A+A holding hands wm

Ari and Alyssa are getting hitched! These two are so much fun and natural in front of the camera. We had to work fast since the light faded early in the canyon!

A+A arm around B&W wm

A+A close up

A+A tree wm

A+A in love wm

Lyss and quilt wm
I love these guys and can't wait to celebrate with them at their wedding in January! Congrats you two - we couldn't be happier for you...
A+A river


Ana said...

I LOVE the last one! The trees and the river look beautiful.
My other favorite is the one where ari is kissing her cheek. super cute. good job!

Dan and Ashley said...

Oh how exciting!!! Those two are so cute! Is the wedding up in Sacramento??

Great pics Lex! I love all those beautiful fall colors. And I just love the pictures of Ari kissing her on the cheek. That one is just gorgeous.

Casey said...

Hey Lexi,
I really love all your pictures! They turned out so great!! They look like such a cute couple too!

Rachel Shaeffer said...

Lexi I have been checking this blog three times a day to see these pics! And you didn't disappoint! So dang cute! Definitely the perfect setting choice! So cute!

Barb @ getupandplay said...


Zane and Lexi said...

You're amazing. You've got an eye. How did I manage to convince you to marry me?
Love, Zaners