Monday, November 15, 2010

the "O" family!

This cute family was wanting to update their photo wall!
"L" took a little time to warm up but his serious look is kid model material :)

O family1 b+w

Landon eyes

landon acid wash copy

O family walking

O family wall
see what I mean!? model.
Landon eyes 2 b+w

landon looking

O family2

This was a little mini session and I'm hoping they love some of the shots we walked away with.
The "O" family is hoping to adopt, again! Check out their blog here.


Madame Hallie said...

Thanks, Alexis! Aahh now to choose. The hardest part.

Ashley Henry Photography said...

What a darling family and SUCH a photogenic boy. Great job capturing that cutie!