Tuesday, April 12, 2011

little "M"

I had fun following this little miss around! She's a busy 16 months - an age I am all too familiar with right now :)
She was ALL smiles, not to mention, darling in her new spring wardrobe!

M 3

M story

M 5 b+w

M 6 b+w

M 4
Little "M" kept me on my toes and I love some of the shots we came away with!


Dan and Ashley said...

So cute Lex! Love these shots! I've been dying to see more from your new camera. Loving what I see! So pretty.

Jayson & Sara said...

What a cutie! It's good to see you at it again Lexi! Can't wait to see more.

Ashley said...

Love, love, love! The skin tones are beautiful. I think the third one is my favorite. So cute!